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I started to panic now because it looked so obvious that someone had purposely removed her insole and I was sure she would notice the two lots of cum stains when she next wears them.


I left he house and tried to avoid the place for a few weeks until me and my wife was invited to a family dinner at a local restaurant. We had arranged to meet at her mum’s and all travel there together. Once at her mum’s my wife and her were getting ready upstairs and I saw the shoes again so had a quick look to see if she had been wearing them and she had! The first shoe was still covered in cum stains and the insole I had pulled basically all the way out had been stuck down with glue again for the second time. I didn’t want to risk hanging about by the shoes for too long and soon enough everyone was ready to leave and to my amazement again her mum came down and put the same shoes on that I had cummed in twice. I couldn’t even look at her I was just amazed that she hadn’t noticed or had she??