Anal Delinquent: Babysitters Tricked Taurus & Raquel Roper Laz Fyre

Lola sat on the toilet pissing hearing the bed squeak as her friend was fucked . She got up and tied her hair walking to the kitchen as Richy and April walked it towels around them.

” Where have you to been.? ” Lola said standing facing them hand on hip. ”

” Your not my mother. Cant take you seriously seeing you standing naked. ” April said looking through the bedroom door, Nile’s between Stella’s legs fucking her. Sexxxxx

” Stella didn’t take long. ” April said.

” Hes already fucked me this morning. Had to get in before her. ” Lola said. ” So where have you to been ? ”

April took her towel off standing naked. ” Early morning swim. Why ? ”

” More than a swim. ” Lola said.

” Ok and a fuck. ” April replied. She walked into the room past Stella and Nile’s fucking.

” Morning ” Stella said.

” Morning ” April said reaching into her bag pulling out a hair tie. She tied her hair.

” Where have you and Richy been. ” Stella asked moaning as Nile’s slammed her harder.