BlondeHexe – meinen Cousin entjungfert

He kissed her. Richy’s lips meeting hers. Naked in the lake together in each others arms. Her legs wrapped around his waist. His cock sliding into her pussy. Richy slowly thrusting in and out of this teenager twelve years his junior. His hands fondling her breasts.

” I don’t know what you do. ” April said looking at him.

” I’m a doctor. ” He said.

” Doctor. ” April replied.


” Yes. ” He said.

” Really. ” April said kissing his lips. ” Wow I’m fucking a doctor. ”

” Yes your fucking a doctor sweet. ” Richy replied kissing her his cock thrusting unprotected in her pussy.

” My parents would be horrified. Especially last night. ” April said. ” There 16 yr old daughter having a orgy with her two 17 yr old friends and two guys over 10 yrs older than her. ” April said.

Richy held her breast and her arse as he thrust her pussy. After a few minutes he cum. He withdrew as he cum. He kissed her. She hugged him for a few minutes. Then they swam at 100 meters to a platform on the water anchored to the lake bed. They got up and she lay at his side.

” This is so nice. ” She said smiling.

” It is. Been naked in the middle of nowhere. ” He said.

” Yeh even if it is only a one night stand with a married man. ” She said.

” So how many men have you been with April ? ” He asked.