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Including you and Nile’s. Three. ” She said. ” But naked with another guy, we haven’t had sex though. I wouldn’t have sex with him. ” April said knowing what she had just said.

” Who’s that ? Richy said.

” Shit, I shouldn’t have said that ” she replied.

” Why, who is it ? ” Richy asked. She looked at him.


” You know, I love being a exhibitionist. The thought of been naked in public. I love skinny dipping. I guess only been 16 I am bit of a voyeur. I skinny dipped with someone I probably shouldn’t have. ”

” Except for me, who else ? ” Richy asked leaning over her as she lay on her back her legs dangling in the water. He circled his finger around her breasts and nipples admiring her naked body.

” My brother. ” She said.

” Your brother. ” Richy said.

” Yep, two days ago we went for a walk and I was wearing a bikini. We got into the water and hes always perving at me. So I thought if he saw me naked, he might not perve at me. So I took my bikini off and he saw me naked. I thought that was all. But we were naked. I was horny. We went back to my tent, my parents off for a walk and we got naked again. I let him play with me. ” She said.

” Did you enjoy it, or think. I shouldn’t be doing this ? ” Richy asked

” I knew I shouldn’t be doing it, but I enjoyed it him seeing and touching and kissing my breasts and seeing and touching my pussy. It felt different to my boyfriend. ” She said.