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If it happened, would you have sex with him ? I mean been naked playing with him. If one thing lead to the next step. Would you. Could you.? ” Richy asked.

” No I would never go that far. I enjoy him playing with me. It turns me on. But I could never fuck him. ” She said.

” You don’t mind him seeing you naked ? ” Richy asked.

” No, I enjoy been naked. I don’t mind him seeing me Sexxxxx naked. But sex no. No way. ” She said.

Stella flushed. She could hear the wooden bunks squeak as Nile’s banged Lola in the next room. She went to the kitchen getting a drink of water. She sat went back to the bedroom. Nile’s fucking Lola doggy style with a condom on. She sat drinking her water watching legs open rubbing her pussy.

It wasn’t long before Nile’s cum, filling his condom slapping her arse. He looked over at Stella groaning rubbing her pussy and fondling her b cup tits.

He pulled out and took off his condom.

” Enjoy the show. ” Lola said to Stella turning over sitting up against the wall rubbing her freshly fucked pussy.

” Oh yeh. ” She said. ” Whens it my turn. ”

” Well. ” Lola said. ” I need to piss. So hes all yours ”

Lola stood after kissing him. She stepped over to Stella french kissing her squeezing Stella’s breast. Nile’s stood watching his cock re hardening. Stella lay down her legs open. Lola got to her knees sucking and licking Nile’s cock clean. He stepped over to Stella sliding it unprotected into her pussy watching it thrust into her.

” Oh yes. ” Stella said ” Fuck me. ” Nile’s watching his cock in her. Watching her b cups bounce as he fucked her.