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Just don’t cum in me ” she said knowing even his Sexxxxx pre cum could get her pregnant but she loved feeling his flesh in her. She wished he could cum in her. She was jealous April had her boyfriend cum in her.

They fondled and played.

” Are you two fucking ? ” A voice said from the other bed. Lola looked up at Stella sitting up on the bed naked looking over a Lola straddling Nile’s as she lay on him.

” Pervert. ” Lola said. ” Cant a girl fuck in peace anymore. ”

” No, But April and Richy are not here. ” Stella said.

” Shit. ” Lola said sitting up. Nike’s cock still in her. Nile’s again admiring Lola’s body and Stella’s naked body. Loving the girls didn’t care been naked. He loved Stella’s b cup breasts.

” Where are they ? ” Nile’s asked.

” Probably gone somewhere private for a morning fuck. ” Lola said.

” Maybe you to should have to. ” Stella said.

” Baby jealous she doesn’t have a cock to fuck. ” Lola said.

” Fuck no. ” She said standing up. Nile’s admiring her shaved pussy.

” Have to piss. ” Stella said sliding her hand to her pussy rubbing her clit.

The sun shone of the warm water. The reflection of the hills mirrored on top of the water. The water calm.

April looked up at the chalet thinking about the night of sex that occurred the night before. She was so young at 16 and already so sexually experienced. Her boyfriend would be so jealous.